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3M Adhesive Remover 6040 24 FLZ
Adhesive Remover
Specifically formulated to remove adhesive from many substrates with no residue Remover
3M Anti Skid Tapes
Application Charge Extra
3M Anti Skid Tapes
3M™ Traction Products are designed to enhance and maintain your buildings with the assurance of safety. 3M Safety-Walk™ Tapes are slip resistant materials that reduce the risk of slipping.
3M Antiskid Tapes for Wet Areas
3M Safety Walk Anti Skid Tapes is a mineral-coated, slip-resistant material reducing trip hazards on smooth and flat surfaces - designed in a wide range of colors and sizes.
Application: Bathrooms, Toilets, Kitchens, Inside bathtubs, around swimming pools, etc
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3M Ear Muff 1426
Pair of Ear Muff
Wide soft cushion for increased comfort
Easy disassembly to clean
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3M Ear Plug 1270 Pack of 5 Nos
Pair of Ear Plugs
Premolded, triple-flange design inserts easily. 
No rolling or sizing needed to get a comfortable, protective fit.
3M Foam Tapes 4026
3M™ Double Coated Foam Tapes
In bonding rough or irregular surfaces, 3M™ Double Coated Foam Tapes fill gaps and distribute stress uniformly over the bonded area. Depending on the specific tape, the result is a bond line that seals, cushions and damps vibration, resists impact, withstands a wide temperature range, and provides good insulating qualities.
3M Matting Nomad- Z WEB
3M Nomad Terra Z-web and foyer matting scrapes dirt and moisture from shoes.
Open "Z" vinyl construction with peaked edges - excellent scraping action
Removes sticky dirt and water from shoes
3M Matting Nomad - LOOP
3M Nomad Terra Loop is a vinyl looped construction that allows dirt and moisture to fall below the matting surface, keeping shoes dry and cleanCollects dust  
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3M Microfiber Cloth-Multi Color Pack of 4 Nos
Provides ultra cleaning power. Its knitted interwoven design of water and oil-attracting microfibers lift and trap grease, dust and dirt particles – even without chemicals.
Available Colors : Gray,Purple,Yellow,Green
Pack of 4 Nos
3M Scotch 35
3M Scotch 35
Premium quality, 7-mil electrical insulating tape. Flame-retardant, weather-resistant; resists UV rays, abrasion, moisture, alkalies, solvents, many acids. For indoor and weather-protected outdoor applications.
3M VHB Tapes 4910
Bond metals, plastics, glass, foam board, and more.
Invisible fastening for smooth, attractive surfaces.