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3M 5100 Red Buffer Floor Pad-17 inch Pack of 1
Specially designed for spray buffing
Cleans when damp; buffs when dry
Quickly cleans and removes scuff marks and enhances floor appearance
Works great on automatic floor scrubbers for light-duty cleaning
3M Antiskid tape for staircase- Per Roll
Running feet
3M Safety Walk General Purpose Tread is a mineral-coated, slip-resistant material reducing trip hazards on smooth and flat surfaces - designed in a wide range of colors and sizes.
3M Floor Marking Tapes 471 -1" inch
3M™ Vinyl and Polyethylene Tapes
These rugged tapes adhere aggressively and remove cleanly from most surfaces in Automotive, MRO (Maintenance and Repair), Construction, Marine, Commercial Vehicle, and other industries. Applications include marking hazards and aisles, color-code piping, fine line paint masking, decorative trim, high visibility splicing, and more
3M Floor Marking Tapes 766-2 inch
3M™ Hazard Marking Vinyl Tape 766 Black/Yellow, 5.0 mil (0.125 mm) vinyl backing with a rubber adhesive, resistant to most common solvents.used for marking of equipment pinch points or gears for warning purposes, temporary floor marking around equipment or spills
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3M Microfiber Cloth-Multi Color Pack of 4 Nos
Provides ultra cleaning power. Its knitted interwoven design of water and oil-attracting microfibers lift and trap grease, dust and dirt particles – even without chemicals.
Available Colors : Gray,Purple,Yellow,Green
Pack of 4 Nos
3M Primer 94 - 1/2 Ltr


Model Name

Primer 94 - 1/2 Ltr Sarvam


500 ml

Suitable For

Industrial usage

Adhesive Type


Used For


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3M Scotch Brite Power pad 2000(Pack of 20)
MRP 1100/- PER PACK 20 Nos OFFER PRICE RS.825/-
Thicker, hand-sized version of Scotch-Brite™ General Purpose Scour Pad. The convenient size eliminates the need to cut or fold the pad. It’s already the perfect size and shape for the job. Typical applications include kitchen equipment, walls, ceilings, floors, desks and stairways.
3M™ White Super Polish Pad 4100-17 inch Pack of 1
Used for light cleaning to help remove soil and scuff marks with minimal dulling of finish
Can be used to polish wood floors, spray cleaning or dry buffing soft finishes (using a rotary machine)
Made of polyester fibers in an open textured non-woven construction
Polishing particles are dispersed throughout and bonded to the non-woven construction with a durable adhesive
For buffing very soft finishes or for polishing soft waxes on wood floors. Removes scuffs and black heel marks and enhances floor appearance.