Jakmister 2.6m³/min 600W/ Vacuum Cleaner/ Dust Collector/ Pc Cleaner /Electric Air Blower
600W motor produces 15,000 RPM and an AIR speed of 80 Miles Per Hour
Lock on button for constant air flow and can be used as a VACUUM CLEANER
Amazing air blowing speed of 80 Miles/Hr (2.6m3/min) in a compact, easy to handle size
Great electric broom for garage floor, sidewalks, clearing dust from computers and saw dust from power tools, or a touch-less dry on your car
Easy to service and change carbon brush design. NOTE : CHANGE CARBON BRUSH REGULARLY TO AVOID DAMAGE TO MOTOR
On sale!-50%
3M Microfiber Cloth-Multi Color Pack of 4 Nos
Provides ultra cleaning power. Its knitted interwoven design of water and oil-attracting microfibers lift and trap grease, dust and dirt particles – even without chemicals.
Available Colors : Gray,Purple,Yellow,Green
Pack of 4 Nos
3M Scotch Brite Power pad 2000(Pack of 20)
MRP 1100/- PER PACK 20 Nos OFFER PRICE RS.825/-
Thicker, hand-sized version of Scotch-Brite™ General Purpose Scour Pad. The convenient size eliminates the need to cut or fold the pad. It’s already the perfect size and shape for the job. Typical applications include kitchen equipment, walls, ceilings, floors, desks and stairways.