List of products by brand 3M


3M Matting Nomad- Z WEB
3M Nomad Terra Z-web and foyer matting scrapes dirt and moisture from shoes.
Open "Z" vinyl construction with peaked edges - excellent scraping action
Removes sticky dirt and water from shoes
3M Matting Nomad- AQUA
3M Nomad™ Aqua is designed for indoor use - moisture and dirt that was not removed by outdoor mats is purged now.
Offer for Red  Only 
3M P-130 sorbent rolls
2 Nos. per Case
P130 Chemical Sorbent Roll is designed to cover large surfaces and may be easily cut to fit tight corners. it can also be used to cover large spills or as a precaution in areas where large sills may occur.
3M P-300 Sorbent Pillows
16 Nos per Case
P300 Chemical Sorbent Pillows are used in areas where greater capacity is required than can easily be achieved using a sorbent sheet.